Friday, April 18, 2008

Justin Quinn

Justin Quinn

"The distance between reading and seeing has been an ongoing interest for me. Since 1998 I have been exploring this space through the use of letterforms, and have used the letter E as my primary starting point for the last two years. Since E is often found at the top of vision charts, I questioned what I saw as a familiar hierarchy. Was this letter more important than other letters? E is, after all, the most commonly used letter in the English language, it denotes a natural number (2.71828), and has a visual presence that interests me greatly. In my research E has become a surrogate for all letters in the alphabet. It now replaces the other letters and becomes a universal letter (or Letter), and a string of Es now becomes a generic language (or Language). This substitution denies written words their use as legible signifiers, allowing language to become a vacant parallel Language— a basis for visual manufacture.After months of compiling Es into abstract compositions through various systemic arrangements, I started recognizing my studio time as a quasi-monastic experience. "
"There was something sublime about both the compositions that I was making and the solitude in which they were made. It was as if I were translating some great text like a subliterate medieval scribe would have years ago—with no direct understanding of the source material. The next logical step was to find a source. Herman Melville’s novel Moby Dick, a story rich in theology, philosophy, and psychosis provides me with a roadmap for my work, but also with a series of underlying narratives. My drawings, prints, and collages continue to speak of language and the transferal of information, but now as a conduit to Melville’s sublime narratives. "

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Padre Fortea said...

Magnífico blog el suyo. Muy muy bueno. Si sabe de algún calígrafo en Madrid (España) le agradeceré que me lo diga.
Mientras tanto le doy el link a mi propia galería, un hobby sin pretensiones

miguel said...

Saludos. He estado echándole un vistazo a alguno de sus posts, en concreto a los tres de la sección "libros" y me gustaría, si no es molestia, que me dijese el título y autor de algún libro de caligrafía sencilla, básicamente para mejorar la letra y el pulso.

Le dejo mi dirección de correo electrónico:

Saludos y gracias.

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